Experience Baden-Baden

Before and after the Baden-Baden Reinsurance Meeting, the town plays host to an impressive array of events featuring everything from a prestigious cultural programme in the Festspielhaus, top-class horse racing and world famous art in the Museum Frieder Burda and the Staatliche Kunsthalle. Come and see for yourself.


Here is short excerpt from our event calendar:


Wed 26th Oct 2016

Cistercian Abbey, Lichtental

Guided tour of the abbey's museum and the 'Fürstenkapelle' chapel


Thurs 27th Oct 2016

Kurhaus, Weinbrennersaal

Kurhaus, Weinbrennersaal - Philharmonic Afternoon

Concert by the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by musical director Pavel Baleff.


Fri 28th Oct 2016


Guided tour Festspielhaus 'A peek behind the scenes'

Festspielhaus – a guided tour of the concert hall from the stage to the technical centre.

Duration: approx. 75 minutes.

Fri 28th Oct 2016

Kurhaus, Weinbrennersaal

Kurhaus, Weinbrennersaal - Christoph Sonntag

A charming and funny combination of cabaret, comedy, music and singing.
Tickets: Tel. +49 (0)7221 932700 or 275233.


Fri 28th Oct 2016


Theater Egmont

“Strategies of Power”. A dramatic play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, produced by André Rößler.
Tickets: Tel. +49 (0)7221 932700 or 275233.


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